1. guardian:

    And the nominees for best Leonardo DiCaprio are … 

    Cartoon by Stephen Collins 


  2. New print for sale in my shop: ‘Baby Music’. Oh and I’ve decided on a title for my collection of comics, it’ll be called ‘Some Comics By Stephen Collins’. It’s out this autumn from Jonathan Cape.


  3. I did this for a sketch swap with Roman Muradov. It was kind of unconsciously inspired by his stuff I think. Roman’s work is beautiful in all kinds of ways, you should look at it right now.


  4. Buzzfeed Moses: A collection of my shorter comics will be published in the UK this autumn by Jonathan Cape. It will be excitingly titled, Some Comics By Stephen Collins.


  5. Illo for a recent supplement in the Guardian about MBA courses.


  6. Focus magazine article about persistent science myths. Apparently there’s one which says that bees can’t actually fly.


  7. Radio Times Illustration for ‘Demon Brother’, a radio play about identical twin brothers who meet for the first time after their father’s death and decide to swap lives.


  8. Recent illustrations for an article about crime fiction


  9. What’s the word for when you don’t draw a line for an object but just use blocks of colour? I can’t remember. Anyway I’m doing that a bit these days. This one was for Radio Times, about a drama with the guy from Gavin and Stacey in it.


  10. Rejected rough for Focus magazine about astrology


  11. Calculating your BMI at Christmas


  12. Santa in Therapy wrapping paper, produced for Vintage books. I’ll be selling sheets of this design next year if I can find a cost effective way to get them printed. (Advice welcome!)


  13. A new print for sale: In Conversation With Vincent Delacroix, First Moth On The Moon. Signed and numbered archival giclee on A4 paper in a limited edition of 15.

    My print shop is still open to UK orders until midday on Wednesday 18th December. If you live outside the UK just email me to ask - it may still be possible to get one sent out to you before Christmas.


  14. The Radio Times commissioned me to pitch for their Christmas cover this year, so I did them a comic - it didn’t make it but they used it as an ad instead.


  15. An advertising agency recently commissioned me to make a leaving present for one of their number named Thiago. I’ve never met Thiago but they told me he had a beard and talked a lot, so I found some photos of him and did this. It’s gouache and ink on paper