1. New super-short print edition now available in my shop: ‘Holiday Reading’


  2. New book! 25th September (7pm) at Gosh Comics, London: a signing and launch of SOME COMICS BY STEPHEN COLLINS, a collection of my short comics old and unseen. Includes the best of the past five years of my editorial comics, as well as new and unseen work. Gosh have an exclusive bookplate edition on sale limited to 200 copies only, and will also be selling exclusive prints and displaying originals of my work. Come along and I’ll draw in a copy for you.


  3. A page from my next long story, as yet untitled. The full book is a couple of years off yet, but I’ve contributed an extract from it to Steak Night 4, which is debuting at the East London Comics and Arts Festival on 14th June. I have incredibly managed to double book myself with my summer holiday, so I’ve had to pull out of Elcaf, which I was gutted about. But you can go and buy a copy of Steak Night from Babak Gangei's table in the small press room.


  4. Call For Jeeves: illustration for Radio Times


  5. Two more Guardian supplement covers about postgraduate education


  6. Interactive web feature for Open University, about the ‘psychology of shopping’


  7. Does your dad force his music taste and ill-remembered science facts upon you? Do you want to get him a Father’s Day present to express your feelings about this? Small-edition prints available for Father’s Day at my shop


  8. If ghosts exist, why has nobody caught them on their smartphones? For BBC Focus magazine


  9. I did a wedding invite for my friends Matt and Katy. They live in Charlton, South London, and it took me a while to get this kind of geographically semi-accurate. Their house is inbetween the pigeon-bride-and-groom, and the perspective is looking south from the Thames with the O2 bottom right. The building top left is where they got married, and Charlton Athletic FC ground is in there too.


  10. Torville and Dean on Desert Island Discs, for Radio Times


  11. guardian:

    And the nominees for best Leonardo DiCaprio are … 

    Cartoon by Stephen Collins 


  12. New print for sale in my shop: ‘Baby Music’. Oh and I’ve decided on a title for my collection of comics, it’ll be called ‘Some Comics By Stephen Collins’. It’s out this autumn from Jonathan Cape.


  13. I did this for a sketch swap with Roman Muradov. It was kind of unconsciously inspired by his stuff I think. Roman’s work is beautiful in all kinds of ways, you should look at it right now.


  14. Buzzfeed Moses: A collection of my shorter comics will be published in the UK this autumn by Jonathan Cape. It will be excitingly titled, Some Comics By Stephen Collins.


  15. Illo for a recent supplement in the Guardian about MBA courses.